Ultimately the official opening ceremony was performed by the Minister
of Education, the Rt. Hon. George Tomlinson, M.P, in July 1951 and
the club reopened in September 1951 with the whole of the new
building in occupation.

The land and buildings were vested in the Y.M.C.A as trustees under a
new trust deed, which laid the management of Alford House on a new body
governors, nominated in substantially the same way as before.
In approaching the question of the move, it had long been considered
what the function of Alford House should be its new home. Clearly, if
the effort and expense were to be justified, it must serve a genuine
need. The advisability of making provision for girls as well as boys was
agreed and a membership of 300 (including over 18’s) was considered
to be the target suitable for the premises. It has been found, in practice,
that the peak membership during a season is something over this
figure. Helpful co-operation with local and governmental bodies
showed other requirements which have led to the daytime use of the
club by the L.C.C. as a Maternity and Child Welfare Centre and for the
Welfare of the Blind; also of the gymnasium by the Beaufoy Schools.
Two old people’s clubs meet at Alford House during the week whilst the
hall is available for letting to local organisations on occasions.

For the club itself the policy is to attract and retain the interest of the
youth of the neighbourhood, particularly the less developed types not
otherwise covered by the youth organisations, and to offer them
facilities to develop mentally and physically within the framework of a
responsible community.

The club aims to maintain its affiliation with the national club movement
(N.A.B.C and N.A.G.C) to co-operate with the educational authorities
and to encourage the members to assume responsibility for their
affairs, where possible, under the leaders’ guidance.

After he had seen the move completed, the warden, Mr N.C. Freeman,
retired at the end of 1951 and was succeeded by the present warden,
Mr Cyril Belsham, who brings to the work experience gained with The
Essex local education authority.

The assistant warden is Mr David Faiers, now in his second year with
the club. The girls’ club leader (an appointment first made in 1951) is
Miss P.Cousins, who has recently joined the staff.