About Alford House

Alford House and Its Purpose 

Alford House was founded in 1884 by Frank Briant, who later became the Liberal Member of Parliament for Vauxhall. Services were provided from rooms in Beaufoy School on Newposrt Street before occupying premises in Lambeth Walk.

Its purpose is to promote the well-being, training, and recreation of the young people of Lambeth.

Mill Hill School Old Boys and other friends of the Club have sponsored Alford House since the death of Frank Briant in 1934. Also, under a Deed of Trust, they constituted the Governors of the Club.

Co-operation and the building

Co-operation and support was received from the London County Council and Inner London Education Authority.  Support has continued since 1991 from Lambeth Council. In order to maintain the work of the Club, funds from grant-giving Trusts are essential to our ongoing operations. Donations and legacies are also vital to help sustain our services to young people.

The buildings currently occupied by the Club were extensively damaged during the war and were formerly the Moffat Institute. They were given to the club by the London Congregational Union in 1949. They were repaired and converted to their present use and occupied by the Club in 1950.

Governing Instrument 

The Club’s governing instrument was a Deed of Conveyance dated 1936 and succeeded in March 1950. Under which the present premises were conveyed to the National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations, who acted as Custodian Trustee. The objects of the Club, as set out in the Deed of Conveyance, are ‘to promote the mental, moral, physical and spiritual wellbeing. In particular, to provide facilities for mental, moral, spiritual and physical training and recreation.  From 1st April 2008, the charity has been conducted as a company limited by guarantee as the successor to Registered Charity No. 303135 founded in 1884.


To meet these objects the Club provides a range of physical, mental, social, cultural, technological and artistic activities, off-site events and more formal educational programmes for young people’s personal and social development. These are designed to meet a curriculum that is educative, promotes equality of opportunity and community cohesion, and is empowering and participative.

Take the journey from 1884 to 1953

As written in 1953 (author unknown)

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About Us

Alford House is open to all young people aged 8-21 and offers a variety of sports, games, creative and recreational activities in a safe and secure environment that is managed by our dedicated team of staff and volunteers.



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