Want to be a Volunteer?



Alford House is open to all young people aged 8-21 and offers a variety of sports, games, creative and recreational activities in a safe and secure environment that is managed by our dedicated team of staff and volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers, so get in touch!!

You don’t need to have youth work experience to volunteer with us, common sense will be one of your greatest assets.  You may want to run around in the gym playing football with young people or you may want to sit and chat and play chess.  The opportunties to volunteer are wide and varied.

Volunteers are vital to Alford House. Without volunteers, Alford House could not exist.  Supported by salaried staff, they deliver our services to young people and govern the club at every level.  Alford House volunteers have opportunities to exercise every talent, enthusiasm or skill and to influence and direct work and policy in all areas.

It is vital that we attract – and keep – volunteers.  Our Volunteering Policy recommends steps to welcome new people to the club and reinforce the commitment and enjoyment of current volunteers.

Volunteering needn’t cost you anything, other than your time.

Volunteering works best when it is based on a clear and mutual benefit.  People volunteer for many reasons, but everyone who volunteers wants to be valued, treated with consideration and given every opportunity for fulfilment or personal growth through their volunteering.

All volunteers should know about the opportunities that Alford House offers them, and what we expect from them in return.  Read our Volunteer Policy.


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