Latest Updates

Our Latest Updates

Land sale agreed! 

After a lengthy process, we are delighted to announce that the sale for development of the plot of land adjacent to Alford House was completed on Monday 27th February 2023. This is wonderful news. 

The next phase can now begin: planning for the extensive refurbishment of the Club buildings which date back to 1897 and suffered extensive bomb damage during the war.

The refurbishment includes essential repair and maintenance to the building structure, as well as the relocation of key facilities such as the fitness centre and breakout spaces.  The opportunity for a ‘facelift’ at this scale will allow the Club to improve the quality of service to its members, the young people of Lambeth, as well as safeguarding its future by ensuring the building is sound for years to come

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Alford House is open to all young people aged 8-21 and offers a variety of sports, games, creative and recreational activities in a safe and secure environment that is managed by our dedicated team of staff and volunteers.



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